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2009 Elyshan Story Arc Report


   TO: All Horizon Fleet Personnel
   FROM: Horizon Fleet Intelligence
   RE: TOP SECRET - The Elyshan Empire

Ladies and Gentlemen of Horizon Fleet,

Let me start by apologizing for taking so long to issue this report. I know it is long overdue, but the time has finally come to shed some light on the growing crisis between the United Federation of Planets and the Elyshan Empire.

First, allow me to recap the most important encounters that Horizon Fleet vessels have had with Elyshan ships, whether military or factional:

Stardate 61501.7

Tthe USS Frontier was launched on a mission to explore the Taeveon Expanse - a region of space informally known as the Necro Expanse on account of there being no "living" planets or stars and dangerously high concentrations of dark matter and various hazardous gases.

Shortly after arrival inside of the Expanse, the Frontier was attacked by three unidentified vessels purporting to be members of a rogue faction known as "The Regime." Led by a young woman calling herself Sovereign Jordana, the factional ships employed cloaking devices to ambush the Frontier and abducted several members of its crew. Only with the assistance of another factional leader, Willen from "The Shayde," was the Frontier able to drive them off.

Stardate 61631.8

The USS Frontier disembarked from Starbase Gate Keeper after undergoing extensive repairs. They re-entered the Expanse and, with Willen's help, were directed toward a trading station in the very far reaches of the Elyshan Empire. It was there the Starfleet officers learned of the whereabouts of the Frontier's lost officers, allowing the Frontier and her crew to set a course.

Not long after, the Frontier arrived in the Necro System, purportedly the first and largest dead star system in the Expanse. Using the intelligence gathered from the Trading Outpost, the Frontier located a cloaked space station, only to come under attack again, this time by a relatively large fleet comprised vessels from the Shayde, Regime, and several other unidentified factions. The Frontier's crew managed to rescue their lost crewmen, but in the process, they unwittingly assisted the factional forces in usurping control of the cloaked station.


Stardate 61900.1

The crew of the USS Frontier, while passing through the Bajoran wormhole, learned of a possible future timeline three years in the future (2387 or 2388) in which the Federation and the Elyshan Empire were at war. According to sources from their vision of the future, the war was sparked by a bombing in Elyshan space which killed several key diplomats from both sides several months earlier, and by the time of the Frontier's arrival, the Federation had already lost one-third of its space to Elyshan control.

While completely conjectural, and most likely the result of interaction with the Wormhole Aliens who call themselves the Prophets, Starfleet has very
closely monitored the Elyshan situation since learning of their prophecy.


Stardate 62195.3

The USS Frontier received a distress call from an Elyshan transport vessel in unclaimed space that was reportedly under attack by a Federation ship. Further investigation revealed that the Federation ship in question had been stolen by members of a faction calling themselves "The Anarchist Cause." Led by a man named Geos, the ship retreated once the Frontier arrived, allowing the Intrepid-class vessel to rescue the surviving passengers on the doomed transport vessel.

Not long after, the Terodock, the Flagship of the Elyshan Guard commanded by Sovereign Joreck, arrived and immediately opened fire. Moments later, the attacking vessel from earlier appeared to decloak and immediately attacked the Terodock, eliciting a retaliatory attack from the Frontier. The vessel quickly recloaked and vanished from sensors, leaving behind major damage to subspace which rendered warp travel impossible. Using only the trail of damaged subspace as a guide, the Frontier proceeded at impulse until they reached an area of space that was not devastated by the use of the enemy's "unconventional" cloak. The ship followed the trail to an outpost in unclaimed space where the Anarchist Cause was amassing a small fleet and attempting to create working versions of the subspace cloaking device they had successfully installed on their stolen Federation ship.
The Frontier crew was successful in retrieving the subspace cloaking device, but were forced to destroy it following threats of attack from the Terodock.
There is very strong evidence which suggests that was the ONLY functional subspace cloaking device the Elyshans had, and as a result of many failed, very costly attempts on both sides to perfect another, neither appears to be pursuing further research on the matter at this time.
Stardate 62318.4

The USS Lincoln, under the command of then-Commander Vorn Krace, investigated the attack of a non-military Elyshan freighter in unclaimed space. After rescuing the civilians crew and learning that their cargo was stolen, the Lincoln pursued a factional vessel into the Necro Expanse, emerging periodically to prevent its systems from failing. Hoping that the factional ship would have to do the same, the Lincoln was eventually able to ambush the attacking ship, forcing the pirates to defend themselves. Knowing that they could not survive an encounter with the Lincoln, the pirate crew attempted to activate the unidentified technology they had stolen from the Elyshan freighter. Moments later, their systems began to overload, causing the apparent destruction of the vessel in a flash of blinding light. No remnants of the ship were found, leading some within Starfleet Intelligence to believe that the ship had been pulled into a wormhole of some sort, or subspace.

Stardate 62571.0

The USS Orlando was en route to an annual Peace Summit when it was suddenly attacked by three unidentified vessels with poorly retrofitted subspace weapons. Moments later, a rift was created which pulled the Orlando in and propelled them five years into the future (approximately 2390).

Just as the Wormhole Aliens had predicted one year earlier, the Federation was on the losing side of a war with the Elyshan Empire, only by this point in the timeline, Earth had been decimated by an Elyshan bombardment of some sort.
Again the Elyshan ships were reported to have advanced subspace weapons (banned by the Second Khitomer Accords).
Stardate 62503.9

The USS Frontier was attacked by an unidentified vessel believed to be operating under Shayde control. Despite suffering extensive damage, the Frontier crew was able to confirm that the Shayde had become a "major power" in the unclaimed space between the Federation and the Elyshan Empire, and it was continuing to use the Necro Expanse as its base of operations.

Stardate 62711.7

The USS Tethys departed Starbase 386 for the Elyshan border and stumbled across the remains of an unidentified Starfleet vessel. Shortly thereafter, an Elyshan vessel decloaked and was later identified as the Paldor, commanded by Sovereign Rokar. The two captains agreed to exchange information and eventually identified the ship as the USS Tethys, only from one day in the future. Not long after, the two ships were attacked by several small factional ships which caused extensive damage to the Paldor's subspace weapons array and caused them to malfunction, creating a rift in subspace. Moments later, the rift began to pull on the Tethys' warp core, forcing the crew to eject it. The resulting blast caused major damage to all vessels, but the total destruction of the Tethys was averted.

Stardate 63267.8

A Federation shuttle carrying Federation diplomats was destroyed by a concealed explosive device. All but one of the Federation diplomats (Ambassador Mordred Ocal) were killed, and several nearby Elyshan diplomats also died as a result of the blast. Ambassador Ocal was immediately tried by the Elyshans as an Enemy of the Empire for planting the device and was scheduled to be tortured and executed. Before the sentence could be carried out, a rescue operation was attempted by a Horizon Fleet civilian officer named Raemet with the help of Jordana and an unidentified member of the Frontier crew.

The operation was successful, but resulted in the deaths of several Elyshan soldiers and extensive damage to numerous Elyshan buildings and ships.
An prominent Elyshan woman named Shival was taken as a hostage during the rescue operation and is currently in Starfleet custody.


Characters of Note
Jordana - The former leader of "The Regime." Believed to be killed by the leader of "The Shayde" until she was identified by Starfleet Operatives earlier this year. She is currently in Starfleet custody.
Willen - Believed to be the current leader of "The Shayde," Willen is an Elyshan man thought to be in his late twenties. His current whereabouts are unknown.
Shival - A Denestra (non-elected public figurehead) in the Elyshan Empire, this middle-aged woman is an adamant supporter of war with the Federation. Commodore Mordred Ocal believes she is to blame for the recent bombing in Elyshan space, but there is no strong evidence to support this claim. Shival was one of the passengers aboard the Elyshan transport rescued by the Frontier on Stardate 62195.3, and she was reportedly "highly uncooperative."
Joreck - Sovereign of the Elyshan Flagship Terodock. He is reportedly a neutral figure in the Elyshan Guard, neither opposed to working with the Federation nor in favor of it.
Rokar - Soverign of the Elyshan vessel Paldor (uncertain class).



Locations of Note
Elysha Prime (AKA Elash) - The Elyshan homeworld and the center of the Elyshan Empire. It is heavily guarded by Elyshan vessels and the system is surrounded by detection grids capable of identifying individuals using ID chips implanted in all Elyshan citizens.
Sinetus System - A star system near the Elyshan homeworld, Sinetus is the center of the Empire's gambling and vacation industries. One of the planets is known to suffer from extreme volcanic activity which, when combined with the colorful gases in the planet's atmosphere, creates an impressive visual display to those in orbit.  For that reason, there is a ring of space stations in orbit.
Taeveon (Necro) Expanse - A region of space with dozens of dead stars and hundreds of dead and/or rogue planets. The gases in this region of space are incredibly hazardous to ships' hulls, and only the Breen appear to have developed an alloy capable of withstanding the effects of prolonged exposure. The Expanse is also home to a space-borne lifeform known as the Taevish. Composed almost entirely of dark matter and corrosive chemicals, the creatures have been known to latch onto a ship's hull and dissolve it with short bursts of antimatter for the energy that is released.




Vessels of Note
Striker-class Fighters - The Elyshan equivalent of a Bird-of-Prey, these ships are small but dangerous. An unfortunately high number of these vessels have fallen into factional hands, although most are not equipped with the subspace weapons and defenses that keep the Elyshan Guard in power.
Monolith-class Battleships - Equipped with the most advanced subspace weapons and shields ever seen, these massive but highly uncommon ships are very strategically positioned throughout Elyshan space. There are no indications that any of these are currently under factional control.
Destiny-class Starbases/Space Stations - With similar designs but very different sizes depending upon their purpose, these installations serve various functions from military waypoints to trading outposts.



Technologies of Note
Taeveon Repulsor Ray - Used by some Shayde vessels to scare away Taevish.
Subspace Cloaking Device - A rare but highly sought-after technology, subspace cloaks essentially allow starships to enter subspace, rendering them virtually invisible to all current sensor technologies. Only one functional device has ever been identified, and all attempts to duplicate it have resulted in irreparable damage to subspace. The technology is supposedly no longer being pursued by any major governments.
Subspace Weapons - A dangerous technology with devastating effects to both space and subspace, the weapons employed by vessels from the Elyshan Guard greatly exceed the power of similar weapons used by races such as the Son'a. It is currently unknown exactly how the weapons work, but the damage they cause are usually reason enough for targeted vessels to surrender without a fight.
Subspace Shields - Although the underlying mechanisms are still a mystery to us, we believe they operate by creating a stable "bubble" of subspace around the ship which insulates it from the damage caused by subspace weapons. The shields have the added affect of neutralizing and/or dissipating most conventional weapons utilized by major Alpha Quadrant powers.
Unidentified Breen Alloy - Used in the hulls of Breen ships, this alloy is impervious to the level of anti-matter bombardment used by Taevish for sustenance
**Factional ships are often pirated from other species, as are the technologies they are equipped with. As a result, factional ships should be treated as potentially very dangerous. Several have been known to utilize weak or crudely retrofitted subspace and conventional weapons and defenses.

This is all of the currently available data we have on the Elyshan Empire, and we ask that you not divulge it to outside sources due to its HIGHLY classified nature. Only share it with your crews if you deem it appropriate.
Please contact us immediately with any questions or concerns.